Section I: Introduction to Health & Safety
The course begins with an introduction to health and safety, emphasizing on the importance of looking after oneself and fellow colleagues by following Health and Safety guidelines, aiming at instigating a change in the attitude of the individual, which in turn starts the development towards a positive Health & Safety culture.

Section II: Basic terminologies in Health and Safety
The basic Health & Safety terminologies used in day to day activity are elaborated so that the staff develops a correct perception of what they are dealing with on site and which proves very helpful when progressing through the course.

Section III: Introduction to the different Types of Cranes
A brief overview about the different types of cranes available in the industry and an opportunity for the participants to identify the specific type of equipment used on their respective site.

Section IV: Introductory Video
The participants are introduced to the overall concept of Crane Safety in this brief and interesting Video

Section V: Different Parts of Cranes and their inspection
This section explains with pictures the different part of various cranes so that the inspection can be carried out in a systematic manner and all the main points of inspection can be identified.

Section VI: Rigging
An overview of the rigging operation and its importance to make the complete operation successful.

Section VII: Hazards in Crane Operation
A comprehensive study of the hazards associated with crane operation and the safe work practices.

Section VIII: Accidents in Crane Operation
This section covers the different real time accidents in the industry, the reasons behind them and methods to avoid them.

Section IX: Safety Measures during Crane Operation
An insight into the safe working practices which makes Crane operation a safe activity for one and all.

Section X: PPE
PPE and its requirements and how PPE makes the job easier, safer and efficient.