Section I: Introduction to Health & Safety
The course begins with an introduction to health and safety, emphasizing on the importance of looking after oneself and fellow colleagues by following Health and Safety guidelines, aiming at instigating a change in the attitude of the individual, which in turn starts the development towards a positive Health & Safety culture.

Section II: Basic terminologies in Health and Safety
The basic Health & Safety terminologies used in day to day activity are elaborated so that the participants develop a correct perception of what they are dealing with on site and which proves very helpful when progressing through the course.

Section III: Causes of death in Confined Spaces
This section covers the different reasons due to which, people, knowingly or unknowingly, end up as victims and casualties.

Section IV: Introductory Video
The participants are introduced to the overall concept of Confined Space entry in this brief and interesting Video

Section V: Introduction & Identification of different Types of Confined Spaces
A brief overview about the different types of confined space encountered in the industry and an opportunity for the participants to identify the specific type of confined space present at their respective site.

Section VI: Hazards associated with Confined Spaces
This section covers the different types of Hazards associated with confined spaces such as atmospheric, physical, engulfment hazards. It also covers the Air Monitoring requirements and techniques.

Section VII: Determining Permit Required and Non-Permit Required Confined Spaces
This section teaches the participants a simple method to determine whether the confined space is Permit Required or Non-Permit Required.

Section VIII: Hazard Control Measures
The different Techniques with which life threatening situations can be converted into safe and user friendly environments such as Isolation, Atmospheric testing, Ventilation, Inerting, PPE and Permit Systems.

Section IX: Hazardous Workplace Rescue
An insight into the different types of confined space rescue and what we have been trained to do.

Section X: PPE
PPE and its requirements and how PPE makes the job easier, safer and efficient.