Section I: Introduction to Health & Safety
The course begins with an introduction to health and safety, emphasizing on the importance of looking after oneself and fellow colleagues by following Health and Safety guidelines, aiming at instigating a change in the attitude of the individual, which in turn starts the development towards a positive Health & Safety culture.

Section II: Basic terminologies in Health and Safety
The basic Health & Safety terminologies used in day to day activity are elaborated so that the staff develops a correct perception of what they are dealing with on site and which proves very helpful when progressing through the course.

Section III: Introduction to the Hazard Communication Program
This section introduces the participants to the Hazard Communication Program, Its need and why it is important for such a program to be implemented on site.

Section IV: Introductory Video
The participants are introduced to the overall concept of Hazard Communication in this brief and interesting Video.

Section V: Hazard Evaluation
The quality of the hazard communication program depends on the adequacy and accuracy of the hazard assessment. All participants are given orientation towards proper hazard evaluation.

Section VI: Labels and Other Forms of Warning
This section introduces the participants to the different Labeling systems used in HAZCOM and how to interpret these Labeling Systems.

Section VII: Material Safety Data Sheets
The material Safety Data Sheet is a very important tool in the identification of different chemicals which are encountered at the workplace. An example MSDS to familiarize the participants with the information present in the MSDS and how to interpret it.

Section VIII: Employee Information and Training
Employers must establish a training and information program for employees exposed to hazardous chemicals in their work area at the time of initial assignment and whenever a new hazard is introduced into their work area.

Section IX: Trade Secrets
The importance of trade secrets and their disclosure in emergency situations.

Section X: Medical Emergency and Non-Emergency Situations
This section differentiates between the Emergency and Non-Emergency situations and suggests the appropriate action that should be taken.

Section XI: PPE
PPE is an important part of all activities and this section emphasizes the use of PPE, its advantages and limitations.