Section I: Introduction to Health & Safety
The course begins with an introduction to health and safety, emphasizing on the importance of looking after oneself and fellow colleagues by following Health and Safety guidelines, aiming at instigating a change in the attitude of the individual, which in turn starts the development towards a positive Health & Safety culture.

Section II: Basic terminologies in Health and Safety
The basic Health & Safety terminologies used in day to day activity are elaborated so that the staff develops a correct perception of what they are dealing with on site and which proves very helpful when progressing through the course.

Section III: Meaning of Banksman
This section introduces the participants to what is Banksman, introduction and Aim of the course.

Section IV: Hazards Involved
All Hazards associated with Banksman job are covered in detail and participants are taught how to identify hazards.

Section V: Controlling of Vehicles on Site
The participants are enlightened with the knowledge of how to control the vehicles on site. Key aspects while performing this job such as ground conditions, other vehicles and employees at the workplace are highlighted in this section.

Section VI: Responsibilities
This section covers the various responsibilities of Banksman and the vehicle drivers as well.

Section VII: Signals
Different types of flag colors and signals which are to be used at the respective time and at the respective places by banksman are focused in this sections.

Section VIII: Safe Working Practices
Safe working practices such as discussing with the respective vehicle drivers, observing the workplace for electric cables, other vehicles or any other structures are highlighted in this section.

Section IX: Types of Vehicles
Certain vehicles at workplace needs banksman because of the blind spots, this section covers the different types of vehicles which require the banksman.

Section X: PPE
PPE is an important part of all activities and this section emphasizes the use of PPE and its advantages.

Section XI: Emergency Procedure
The emergency procedures and the importance of reporting the accidents are explained in this section to conclude the course.